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Refresh All Your Sources At Once

After using OBS for some time, you may find that you end up with 2, 3, or 40 browser sources at a time to personalize your stream, show alerts, or turn yourself into Bongo Cat upon chats request.

But when your internet hiccups, and all of your browser sources decide that they need a refresh, it can be cumbersome to go through each and every one.

With this handy lua script, you can bind Refresh All Broswers with the tap of a single button

GIF of using hotkey

Adding scripts to OBS is extremely easy!

First, you'll go to "Tools" in the top bar of OBS

Tools Highlight

Then you'll navigate down to "Scripts"

Scripts Highlight

Now, in the scripts menu, you'll click the Plus Icon and point OBS to the .lua or .pyz that you want to add, we're going to add the "refresh-broswers.lua" script

lua point

Now its added, scripts will have different functionality depending on how their made, and thus will have different menu options on the right hand side of the menu. For us, this script adds a hotkeyable option to refresh all your browser sources.

Refresh Browser Menu

Now we can navigate to our settings, and down to Hotkeys. You can filter through all the different options by searching in the bar at the top for "Refresh All"

Hotkeys Menu

Assign it to your desired key and there you have it! A quick way to refresh all of your Browser Sources all at once!


If you use an Elgato Streamdeck, this will be available under "Hotkey Trigger" using the "OBS Tools" addon (available on the StreamDeck Store from BarRaider)