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Send GoXLR Desktop Audio through Ping

  • In Ping, make sure you’re using the “Chat Mic” output from GoXLR

Chat Mic Output

  • In the GoXLR Routing Table, make sure that System Audio is ticked on in the Chat Mic Section

GoXLR Routing Table

  • In Ping, go to your dashboard and click on options under your room

Ping Room Options

  • Then on the left side, go to Experimental

Experimental Settings Page

  • And make sure to turn off Automatic Gain Control, Automatic Noise Supression, and Automatic Echo Cancellation.

Settings to Disable

  • Side note, if your guests can hear themselves in the playback, make sure that whatever you’re using to hear them (Discord or Google Chrome) is being sent to “Chat” in Windows
    • You can get there by Right Clicking the Volume Icon in the bottom right of the system tray, then going to Sound Settings, then going to “App volume and device preferences”

Windows Sound Settings