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Screen Share via OBS to Ping

Screen sharing a Return Feed can be an essential part of your broadcast, from Podcasts to Esports events, it is invaluable to let your Talent see what is currently live to your audience.

  • First open OBS
  • Navigate to your controls and Start Virtual Camera


  • Once Virtual Camera is started, join your desired Ping Room
  • Before joining the call, make sure that “OBS Virtual Camera” is selected under your Camera Devices


  • Now that your Virtual Camera is selected, you may join the room
  • OBS Virtual Camera sends a video feed of what is currently displayed in your Program Feed
    • For those using Studio Mode in OBS, its the feed on the right side
  • To send Audio via Ping, we recommend using VoiceMeeter, if you happen to be using a GoXLR we have documentation on how to send audio to Ping Here